-Callicoon Sessions - Cadence Jazz Records (2013 Release) Recorded Sessions 

-Quaternity - New Artists Records (8/2014 Release) Live Performances



-Prayers and Mad Laughter (multitracked pianos/voices) - Independently produced

-For the Beauty of the Earth (solo piano/voice) - New Artists Records*

-Cosmic Comedy (duet with Andy Fite) - New Artists Records*

-Dreamflight (solo piano) - New Artists Records*

-A Jazz Duet  (duet with Charley Krachy) - New Artists Records*

-Phantasmagoria  (duet with Andy Fite) - New Artists Records*

-True Fun  (trio with Lenny Popkin and Eddie Gomez) - Jazz Records*

-I Feel Like I'm Home  (solo piano/voice)  - Jazz Records*

-A Million Shimmering Fish w/ Mark Weber, New Artists Records (2013)

(*CDs produced under Kazzrie's former name, Liz Gorrill) 



-Conversations (Woody Mann & Charley Krachy (2017) - New Artists Records

-A Jazz Duet  (duet with Liz Gorrill) - New Artists Records* 

-Soup (Levy, Renard, and Krachy) - New Artists Records  

-Sweet Fulfillment (Krachy, Fite, and Dirke) - New Artists Records 

-From the Inside Out  (Bob Casanova) - New Artist Records

-Jazzman’s Serenade - (Quartet) - Zinnia Records

(*CDs produced under Kazzrie's former name, Liz Gorrill) 



-Dedicated To (Solo Double Bass) Cadence Jazz Records (2017)

-Live at Trumpets (Ted Brown Quartet w/Jon Easton and Bill Chattin) - Cadence (2017)

-Live At Orfeo  (Bluth Messina Chattin Trio) - Zinnia Records

-5 Concerts and a Landscape (Bluth Messina Chattin Trio) - Zinnia Records

-Formations  (Bluth Messina Chattin Trio) - Zinnia Records

-Cycle Logical  (Jimmy Halperin Trio) - Cadence Records

-Jon Easton with Don Messina and Bill Chattin - Cadence Records

-Music From 7 Years Ago - Jon Easton Trio - (Downloads only) Independently produced (CDBaby and iTunes)

-Thing Ah Majig (Sal Mosca Trio w/Bill Chattin) - Zinnia Records

-You Go To My Head (Sal Mosca Quartet w/ Jimmy Halperin and Bill Chattin) - Blue Jack Jazz

-Blvd. St. Germaine (Rick Moore) - Independently produced

-Rich Moore Quartet (w/Chris Aiello, Don Messina, and Bill Chattin) - (iTunes) Independently produced

-Ron Naldi - 4 CDs - Independently produced w/ Fred Amend, Don Josephs, Bill Chattin, and others.

-Vassar Clements - The Bluegrass Session - Flying Fish Records

-Vassar Clements - The Nashville Jam - Flying Fish Records

-D. W. Griffiths - Jersey Tomatoes - BMA Records

-D. W. Griffiths - Workingman's Banjo - BMA Records

As Producer:

Sal Mosca - Too Marvelous for Words (5 CDs) 1981 Cadence Jazz Records (2015)

Sal Mosca - Talk of the Town (2 CDs) 1992 (Sunny Side Records) (2015)



The Kazzrie Jaxen Trio (w/Don Messina and Bill Chattin):

- Live Performance from Connie Crothers' Loft Series from October 2011) (Label TBD)

Kazzrie Jaxen, Chris Aiello, and Don Messina (JAM)

-Recorded Jam Sessions (Label TBD)

Don Messina 

-Jimmy Halperin and Don Messina with Bill Chattin (2002) High and Outside, Cadence Jazz Records (2019 Release) 

- Peter Prisco and Don Messina (2019 Release)



Quaternity-New Artists Records


Mann & Krachy - Conversations
New Artists Records


Don Messina, Dedicated To,
Cadence Jazz Records

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