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From: Mort Malkin
On: December 13, 2015 @02:29 pm
Please place me on your mailing list so I may attend more of your performances and applaud wildly. Peace and performance, Mort
From: Norman Walsh
On: September 10, 2014 @08:31 am
An outstanding album. You guys really listen to each other. Pure unadulterated joy and swing. Great rhythm section. Knowledge of history and tradition is quite obvious, The influence of Prez and Trtstano is there without obscuring each player's individuality. I love Kazzrie's Earl Hines on steroids approach, e.g.., for example on All The Things You Are and her Meade Lux Lewis boogie woogie approach on Lennie's Pennies. Overall the best album I have heard in years. I have downloaded the album and put it on my iPod classic.
From: Tony
On: February 27, 2014 @12:26 am
Some releases have one or two outstanding tracks, but this CD "The Callicoon Sessions" you must hear in it's entirety to understand the natural sound, the feeling, and the intimacy of it all and its players. To say this is the KJ Qt. is right on because she owns every one of these standard tunes. Her accompaniment and solos are all played in such a convincing,mature manner exhibiting the masterful player that KJ is without a doubt. Great playing. The track layout affords us CK's ballad playing at what seems just the right moment.His 'Foolin' and 'S'Wonderful' expressing the sound of the tenor sax across the history of Jazz with a beauty and familiarity all his own. BC's time feeling is loose, yet so right on.Shading, trading,supporting and soloing all done with such good swing and taste.His interactions with DM and KJ are done in such a way you know it's love. DM's got that natural sound on bass that makes the word acoustic not big enough.His rock solid support and solos make every beat seem to last a lifetime. So it's 4 of a kind, 4 of a mind.Playing exactly what they want to play, what they feel, and what they hear.When many of these tracks ended I heard a tremendous ovation, you will as well. Go out and get this CD!!!! Thanks to all involved for sharing this music. Tony DeVito tonydevito99@hotmail.com
From: Kirk Silsbee
On: December 31, 2013 @02:24 am
From: Bill Payne
On: December 30, 2013 @03:31 pm
The Best!!!!!!!!
From: Mark Weber
On: December 30, 2013 @02:11 pm
The new cd CALLICOON SESSIONS is staggering, just off the map. Callicoon Lunar Launchpad is what you should have called it. (Altho, I think Callicoon Sessions is a perfect name for this gem). You can call Volume 2: The Saturday Sessions. Okay, I'm still staggering around listening to this perfect music, maybe I'll have a smoothie to regain my balance?
From: Rich W, el gato de jazz
On: December 28, 2013 @01:57 pm
The Callicoon Sessions are way cool...or as we say in New England, WICKED AWESOME!!!
From: Jim Willis
On: July 07, 2013 @12:20 pm
I saw your group at Trumpets and most recently at Fort Lee. The diversity of the material, the vocals, the free playing, but the best for me was the intensity you all had when blowing over a standard! Marvelous, swinging playing - I agree with what tony devito wrote- this is really a quartet with 4 accomplish improvisers . I've been listening to Don Messina from way back when he played with Rick Moore, then Jimmy Halperin, Larry bluth, and Sal Mosca. He's got a big huge sound and his soloing is horn like with the steadiest time (sal trained him well) - these audio tracks on this site proves that too-he's grown much more lyrical - can't wait to hear the cadence release! This is a wonderful band. I'm not sure if don will remember me ....
From: Tony DeVito
On: April 21, 2013 @01:44 am
Hi - Thank you for your wonderful real Jazz music and for sharing it with us. I just heard the video clip of 'All of Me' where KJ sounded very beautiful & very original. CK knows his Prez, and has that tenor sound that we all want to hear on the horn.The support of DM & BC adds up to a great/real Jazz Qt which seems like it's getting harder and harder to hear in these days when Jazz seems to be going down some mixed up stream. I look forward to hearing a release by the group when time allows, and I look forward to hearing the group when I get back from my current world tour. Writing to you Okinawa, Japan. Thanks & Warm Regards, Tony DeVito
From: Charley
On: March 03, 2013 @07:09 am
Happy to be a part of this group..!!



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