Kazzrie Jaxen:

" . . . her inner trip is as harrowing and exhilarating as white-water boating, and just as breathtaking."  Wif Stenger, NY Press


" . . . she is onto something very original . . . she is a striking talent . . . and a talent with a strong personality."  Robert Palmer, NY Times 


" . . . a pianist of astounding complexity and accomplishment." Mark Gardner, Jazz Journal


Kazzrie Jaxen/Charley Krachy:

" . . . she slam dances between registers with such aplomb that her duets with Krachy occasionally remind you not only of Tristano and Marsh, but of Cecil Taylor and Jimmy Lyons.  In other words, "A Jazz Duet" summons up memories of piano-and-saxophone duets you only THINK you've heard - testimony to its power. "   Frances Davis, The Village Voice


" . . . they work well together . . . this music displays the courage of its aesthetic convictions, and it's a welcome antidote to all the faceless neo-bop and fuzak which seem to constitute about 90% of recent jazz releases."   Bill Tilland, Option


" . . . for all the individuality and freedom of movement, there's a strong, confident sense of direction in the work of both players . . . it's a demanding and creative performance." 
Lois Moody, Ottawa Citizen


" . . . I love this CD, I've been playing it constantly for days, and I'd walk on my knees through the snow to see this duo play live." Camper-Mann, Amazon.com


Don Messina/Bill Chattin:

 Formations . . . One of 1999 best. Lennie Tristano lives for this piano trio. Their third disc [on Zinnia] revels in the joy of long lines and elegant harmonic turns.Bob Blumenthal, Boston Globe

Live at Orfeo
“. .  . Cohesion and elegant execution characterize the trio. They have, in a most eloquent way, captured the essence of jazz to come up with a fresh, thoroughly musical approach that favors post-war styles, but has about it preposessing timelessness. While it is uncommon to find a relatively obscure group of such superior quality, I would say that the odds of keeping this trio hidden from the public are even greater.”  Chris Albertson, Stereo Review


Bluth Messina Chattin “. . . Bluth, probes and pushes his lines, sometimes chopping them into interlinking snippets of melody, at others rolling out lines in breathtaking length. His left hand is just as tricky as his right. injecting harmonically dense accents that alternately buoy his lines, goad them forward, or add weight or color to notes. Bassist Messina is also a marvel of offhand virtuosity. Drummer Bill Chattin shows admirable attention to dynamics, never upsetting the natural balance of sound within the group. He also displays a telepathic rapport with soloists, shadowing the accents of Bluth's lines with eerie accuracy. This is music made for the love of it.”  Ed Hazell  Boston Phoenix



  • 09/29/2019
    Howland Cultural Center - Beacon, NY


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